'Hanging picnic'" by Jill Burrow

Jill Burrow is an American set designer, photographer and mother of two based in the Midwest. Her work ranges from still life to fashion.

She resignifies the classic picnic with a wonderfull series called 'Hanging picnic' for Arles Studio with our tableware.

How do you define yourself and what you do?

I would define myself as an artist, first and foremost. I care deeply about design and the ability design has to change your mood, or help you see parts of yourself that you couldn't before. I use photography as a means to capture what comes from my head so others can partake as well.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is always evolving as I grow as an artist and it does vary from project to project. I usually start by having an objective, like working with a certain product or brand. I then try to imagine all the possibilities, how I can make this product really be seen by the viewer. I then dream as big as possible and find a way to make it work (which is the most challenging part).

I then set up, take photos, and then tear down. This part of the process can take 8-40 hrs of work. My process can really be so time consuming because I am working to defy gravity, and present the world in a surreal way. Then I edit and sit back with a hot cup of coffee and gaze at my work. I also try to take note of what worked and what I can improve next photoshoot.

Future projects and things you would like to do.

I would love to continue to produce work that I'm proud of. Of course, I'd also love to work with amazing brands. My main goal though, is to find a way to really invest in making my work a means to provide for my family and make a life for them. If I can do that I'll be happy!