Introducing: Volentieri cups by María Baltar


Maria Baltar is an Argentinian Industrial Designer, with a background in graphic design, web development and 3D printing. With the years, she has developed an interest on more noble disciplines, such as cooking, painting and pottery: disciplines that give space for thought and allow for the process of creation to develop and mature until the outcome becomes authentic.

Captivated by the rituals that take place at home and around the table, the way they influence the objects in it, she began to design her own pieces based on her vision, good taste and color.




Her vision about design and how the Volentieri cups were born.

‘The quality of the space we inhabit influences our quality of life. Industrial design has a fundamental role in providing a harmonious and integrated environment, in accordance with the needs of the user'.

The objects we choose to bring to our homes will accompany us on our day-to-day life, they will become part of our routines. A good design can nourish it with beauty and functionality, taking it to another level.


Coffee is a universal ritual, a shared language among people. Every country with its own dialect: breakfast, mid-morning, after lunch, every region has its own particular way of drinking it.

The Volentieri cups were born from a compromise between industrial and hand crafted production. They were molded using a casting slip technique on plaster molds, a sort of ‘micro mass production’. On the other hand, the finishing touches were purely artisanal, every piece was painted and glazed by hand, taking care to maintain the quality from first to last.

The final result is an object that is simple but with character. A product that fulfills its purpose in the most unassuming way possible, but with a note of color on day-to-day life.’